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5 facts about fertility that you should know if you are trying for a baby

5 facts about fertility that you should know if you are trying for a baby

If you are reading this article then chances are high that you are trying or planning to have children. And if that is so then being ignorant about your body won’t serve any purpose. Most couples get into family planning without having any idea of how their reproductive system works. This may be why couples don't succeed even after trying for months. If you are among them, then here are a few must-know facts about fertility:

  1. Ovulation and lifespan of egg and sperm:
    A woman ovulates only once in a month. Any one of the ovaries will release the egg in any given month. A woman’s  menstrual cycle starts with the first day of her period and lasts for 28 days on a average. The woman ovulates fifteen days before Day 1 of the next cycle. In an average 28 day cycle, it falls on day 15.  The egg, after it’s released from the ovary into the Fallopian tube, survives only for 12-24 hours. The sperm, on the other hand, can survive inside the female body for up to 48 hours (2 days). So if you want to nail it you will have to try find the best days to try which is takes you to the next point.

  2. Your fertile period:
    The fertility period is the 7 day window each month which covers three days before and 3 days after the expected date of ovulation. Since it's really difficult to nail the exact date of ovulation each month it's best to try on alternate days during this fertility window.
    The fertility window for conception is pretty small. To find out how to calculate this window you can read the article : How to calculate what are the best days for trying to conceive.
  3. Irregular periods and infertility
    If your periods are irregular, do not assume that you are infertile. Ovulation is the key factor to fertility. Irregular periods don’t mean that you aren’t ovulating; while, regular periods also do not guarantee that you are ovulating.
    If your periods are irregular and you are having a tough time in getting pregnant, it’s better to consult the best infertility specialist in Kolkata. Though irregular periods may result from excessive stress or medication, there might be serious underlying causes such as PCOS that can affect your fertility.
  4. Your lifestyle choices, Fitness and fertility
    Before they start trying, the couple must visit a gynecologist for a basic fitness evaluation. If either of the couples have certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies it may affect your fertility chances and the baby as well. These can be addressed by taking supplements and a balanced diet. For example, taking Vitamin B or folic acid supplements before pregnancy can prevent neural tube defects in the baby.
    There are a lot of lifestyle changes that you may bring for increasing your chances of conception. This includes avoiding smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, practice safe sex (to avoid sexually transmitted diseases). Limit your intake of nicotine and alcohol and phone time as all the above can affect the sperm yield in men and egg quality in women.
  5. Diet and fertility
    Diet has a major role to play for women. A diet rich in protein and low on fats provides a healthy and nurturing environment for the eggs  to grow in and also creates favorable condition for implantation to happen.  This was indicated in a study involving two groups of women having same body mass index. One group had diet rich in fats and low on protein and the other had diet rich in protein and low on fats. The later group women had more success in the first cycle. Furthermore women who had failed the first cycle showed better results on following a protein rich diet in successive attempts.

    Maintain a healthy BMI of 18.4-24.9.   BMI more than that means you are obese and will have difficulties in conception. Women with BMI below the normal range have twice as hard a time in conceiving.

    Watch this video on Tips to increase your chances of conception:

Fertility Clinic in Kolkata

There is a wide range of options to help you conceive depending on the causes of your infertility.  From stimulating ovulation to in-vitro fertilisation, fertility clinics in Kolkata offer a wide range of solutions to increase your chances of motherhood.
Sometimes a simple surgery is all that you need. Consult an infertility specialist in case you are having trouble conceiving. They are the best person to determine your diagnosis.

Take good care of your body and consult fertility specialists if you are having issues with conceiving. Seek help from the best infertility specialist in Kolkata. If you need any further assistance regarding infertility issues, you may get in touch with our team of fertility experts at

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